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Solutions and opportunities for GPs and LPs in the alternative and traditional Luxembourg fund industry ( panel in Italian)

Two leading experts from Adepa and EY respectively will set the scene with a keynote on the Luxembourg tool box.
They will present an overview of possible structures for investment funds and their key differences with a practical angle.


Best practices and guidance on setting up a fund in Luxembourg

This session will in a nutshell describe practical experience pertaining to the establishment of regulated and unregulated investment funds in Luxembourg. This will include mutual funds as well as alternative investment funds (SIF, RAIF, non-product SCS / SCSp. Having practiced fund set-up in Luxembourg as a lawyer for almost 20 years, the speaker will provide insight into the Luxembourg market practices (CSSF / service providers / outsourcing) and point out pitfalls that may impair or slow down the set-up process. The latter should be an easy process – you will be informed on how this can be achieved in Luxembourg.


Sustainability: the practical angle of managing and distributing an Article 8 or 9 fund going forward

This panel will tackle where we stand after the SFDR implementation, diving into the EU Taxonomy and the SFDR RTS and providing perspectives going forward. The discussion will also turn around the action plan for distributors and advisors with the implementation of MiFID and how to communicate with end investors while matching target markets and suitability. SFDR RTS imposes standardized disclosure and greater accountability for products classified article 8 and 9 also with regards to the objectives of climate change mitigation and adaptation outlined in the Taxonomy regulation. In this context, the growth of instruments such as green bonds to finance green investments or even sustainability-linked bonds appears relentless.

  • Sandra Crowl

    Sandra Crowl Member of the Investment Committee, Stewardship Director Carmignac




Retailisation and institutional investors' appetite for private assets: state of play of ELTIFs based on experience, and regulatory outlook

The ELTIF – European Long Term Investment Fund – is the most recent add-on label to European alternatives available to institutional and retail investors, aimed in particular at matching demand for long-term funding with multi-year investment objectives within a regulated framework, offering access to a wide range of asset classes and supporting the development of European SMEs and infrastructure.
The Luxembourg financial place, confirming its cross-border vocation and its leadership in innovation in the industry, is at the forefront of the ELTIF development.
The panel will offer the opportunity to review the ELTIF specificities, and examine experiences of the first few years since creation as well as the proposed amendments to the ELTIF regulation, through the eyes of two Luxembourg experts, representing a leading law firm and a large asset manager respectively.

  • Enrico Turchi

    Enrico Turchi Managing Director – Deputy CEO and Conducting Officer Amundi Luxembourg S.A.


What are the keys to a successful distribution in Italy and beyond? (panel in Italian)

Is Luxembourg the right place to establish funds? Which advantages would there be?
How to establish the right framework for a successful distribution in Italy?
Who are the main stakeholders involved – between Luxembourg and Italy?
This panel will help to understand what are the benefits of using a Luxembourg fund platform for a wider distribution.


  • Roberto Colicci

    Roberto Colicci Head of Business Development Southern Europe & Benelux, WLS UBS Asset Management


  • Giorgio Medda

    Giorgio Medda Group Co-CEO and Global Head of Asset Management Azimut

  • Alberto Melzi

    Alberto Melzi Head of Sales and Marketing BCC Risparmio & Previdenza


Closing remarks & cocktail reception