Daniela Klasen-Martin, Crestbridge

Daniela Klasen-Martin Daniela’s career has crossed borders and spanned the width of the financial sector. She arrived in Luxembourg in 1997 and has hold positions as Head of Finance and CEO/Managing Director, gaining strong expertise in providing corporate governance and risk management services for both UCITS and alternative Funds. Joining Crestbridge Luxembourg in 2010 as Managing Director and Country Head, she has led the firm to be one of the first third party management companies to provide services to AIFMs/AIFs, UCITS as well as VC Funds. She also acts as Director and Conducting Officer for UCITS, AIFs and AIFMs, investing in both financial and non-financial assets. Daniela contributes actively to the Fund Industry, sitting on a number of ALFI committees within risk management and fund governance and as a member of ILA (Luxembourg Institute of Directors) and of ALRiM (the Luxembourg Association for Risk Management professionals). She is frequently speaking at fund events on topics such as risk management and fund governance.


09.05 - 09.40

Distribution in Europe and beyond

The session will cover the latest trends in global distribution of funds in Europe and outside Europe and explain how using a Luxembourg fund can help asset managers to reach out to investors across the globe.

09.40 - 10.15

The Luxembourg toolbox

Experts from the Luxembourg fund industry will explain the Luxembourg toolbox and operating models and the different solutions offered to Nordic asset managers.

10.15 - 10.50

Alternative Funds

The panel will give an update on the latest figures and developments in the alternative investment sector with a focus on Private Equity and Real Estate.

It will also present the newest fund structure in Luxembourg: the RAIF and explain what it has to offer to Nordic asset managers.

10.50 - 11.25

Sustainable finance

This session will cover the recent developments in sustainable finance – a key topic on the European regulatory agenda. It will also discuss retail and institutional trends as well as practical approaches in integrating ESG factors in the investment process and the opportunities SDGs can offer to asset managers.