In 2015, a number of stakeholders including national fund associations, insurers and companies from various financial services sectors have developed an EU template to facilitate the exchange of data between fund/asset management and insurance companies.

This so-called Tripartite Template offers an EU-wide standardised format for the delivery of the portfolio composition within a fund for the benefit of insurers who require such information to meet their supervisory reporting requirements, subject to the Solvency II Directive.

Since 2015 various updates have been made to the TPT. In this webinar, ALFI will i) explain the rationale to the changes of the most recent version (v5) of the TPT applicable from 31 March 2020; ii) outline the governance framework surrounding the update of the TPT conducted by FinDatEx; and iii) provide practical information to the users of the TPT as regards the different versions and information on a Q&A.

This webinar is free of charge and is reserved to ALFI members only, who will receive a registration link by email.


Sylvain Crepin Partner - Financial Risk Management Deloitte Tax & Consulting
Felix Ertl Vice President BVI Deutscher Fondsverband
Dr. Gianluca Frena Risk Advisory, Manager KPMG Luxembourg
Pierre Maugery-Pons Vice-President Banque - Finance EFESO
Yannick Patout Manager – Financial Industry Solutions Deloitte
Dr. Martin Reinhard Risk Advisory, Partner KPMG
David Zackenfels Senior Legal Adviser ALFI