Keith Hale, FinTech Investor, NED and Advisor

Keith Hale Keith has 27 years’ experience creating and building financial technology companies for the asset management, and security services markets, currently acting as an Investor, Non-Executive Director and Advisor. Previously Keith was the CEO of Multifonds, the leading global fund administration software company, providing back office solutions to the world’s leading fund administrators, asset managers and insurance companies. In March 2015, Keith and the team completed the sale of Multifonds to Temenos. Prior to Multifonds, in 1997, Keith co-founded Netik, the data management software and services provider, where he set-up US operations and then ran Europe Middle East and Africa.


09.30 - 10.30

Transformation of TA and Distribution Operations – a walk through the myth and the reality

A reality check exercise on all the topics fostering the transformation of Transfer Agents, Distributors and other related players’ operations value chain, walking through the  potential impacts, recent progresses and expected time scales and key milestones applicable to the implementation of transformational changes in the TA & Distribution Operations operating model.

Following a reality check to set the scene, a lively debate will be held with a blend of TA and distribution operations players, each discussing their respective points of view around the proposed transformation scenarios and strategies.

14.10 - 15.10

FinTech – Facts, Fiction and the Future

A walk through of the current state of all things Fintech in Luxembourg’s TA & Distribution Operations world, wrapping up with a roundtable discussion.

State of ALFI FinTech Nation
An update on the ALFI FinTech working groups and industry surveys feedback, looking into 4 Fintech areas: Digital investing, Blockchain / DLT, Data Management Cybersecurity and Robotics

What is the LHoFT doing for TA and Distribution Operations?
LHoFT will provide an overview of its KYC Connect concept, a new potential and approach to resolving the KYC dilemma of the TA and Distribution operations cycle.

A FinTech reality check
An overview of 3 current FinTech endeavors will be provided followed by a panel discussion with all participants as to the state of play on all things FinTech affecting the TA & Distribution operations value chain.

  • DLT progress
  • Robotics RPA

15.10 - 15.40

Live from New York - an update on all things TA & Distribution Operations in the US

A live interview with the ICI International Operations Advisory Committee of the US

  • Introduction of ICI IOAC
  • What are the hot topics for the US market and ICI IOAC?
  • What does the US market and US Asset Manager and Distributors expect from Luxembourg?

16.10 - 17.00

Death by regulation? A survival guide

An overview of the current regulatory developments and the impacts to TA & Distribution Operations, followed by a lively Q&A session covering 2 hot topics that will be presented in sequence..

  1. MiFID II & PRIPS impacts on Distribution Operations
  2. GDPR – practical ways to comply with GDPR for TAs and Distribution Operations